Residential care needs from fast growing aging population

解决因人口快速增長 的需要

By 2041, 25% of the total population will be age 65 and over. Currently there are 32,000 individuals on the waitlist for Long Term Care Homes. By 2026, Richmond Hill need 1,004 beds and Markham area need 818 beds.

Nurse Homecare


Seniors “Aging at Home”


Enhance seniors continue to live independently in the community as long as possible through an integrated continuum of health, home and community care services.


Patients through a comprehensive care journey “under one roof”


Access to a spectrum of primary care, specialist care, e.g. vision services and hearing care, mental health, a chronic disease management and health prevention programs.

Family Health Team
Carefirst Long Term Care Rendering (March 2024) v4 rev.2


Community capacity building


Promote inter-generational programs. Access to sports, recreational and cultural activities.