Benefits of Carefirst Campus of Care

  • Increased new capacity for Long Term Care beds
  • Equitable access to Long Term Care beds – multi-cultural set up
  • Strengthened social infrastructure for fast growing population
  • Increased social connectedness with campus of care set up – easy one-stop access to an array of services/programs – recreational, social, cultural, health care, community support and seniors services
  • More community space for the residents and community members in the neighbourhoods
  • Increased community capacity and building neighbourhoods of care
  • Embrace “aging in place” with wide spectrum of home and community care, while cater to those who are beyond management at home

Serve all people

Youth, adults and seniors with diverse needs, abilities and backgrounds

Comprehensive and holistic services

Empowers everyone to receive care, ranging from preventive care to residential long-term care

Improved socialization

Increases social connectedness ad offers opportunities for cultural exchange

Robust community

Builds new community space that is shared by generations now and those to come

Aging in place

Supports seniors and their caregivers to successfully age at home with the wide range of primary care services and full basket of home and community care services