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In November 2020, Carefirst was approved by the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care to build a Campus of Care at 9893 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill.


The Campus of Care will address the shortcomings of existing long-term care homes. It will consist of a 120-bed long-term care home; a community hub; a gym; a community kitchen; and a family medicine and medical specialties centre that will serve more than 10,000 patients each year.

“Co-locate” continuum of housing, i.e. long term care home, a medical centre, and community support services at a single location (“campus”)

“As a philanthropist, I’ve been a long-term supporter of Carefirst in the last 20 years. I am pleased to support the building of Carefirst Campus of Care in Richmond Hill. I understand this campus of care will serve a wider community and the long-term care home will serve the seniors of more complex care needs.”

~Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Fu

Long-time supporters of Carefirst

Carefirst Campus of Care, a state-of-the-art site.

Build on Carefirst’s existing INTEGRATE care models – holistic, comprehensive, one-stop access care.


Fully integrated social and health care structures and caring services.


Increased care capacity, diversity and inclusivity for all age cohorts.


Carefirst Campus of Care aims to maintain and support clients (and care givers) in the least intrusive, most cost-effective setting for as long as possible. Carefirst Campus of Care will provide community members access to Integrated Care (medical and social care) with services delivered on and off campus. 

With your support, we hope to continue providing quality care and reach more seniors in the community.

Want to get involved? 


Explore the different programs you can participate in to support Campus of Care: Naming Opportunities, Caring Tree, Donation Accumulation Program, Adopt a Carefirst Piggy, or Donation of Sales.


Donate online through a one-time or monthly donation, or through stocks and mutual funds.

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